Links of Interest


If any of you are interested in building your own BELKNAP kit, there are three sites which offer an option:

· – A 68” version 1/98 scale model

Model plans for USS Belknap

These links are well worth looking at, especially for those with idle fingers and grandkids who want to see the beauty of our BELKNAP!

Government Office Locator

At Sea Aboard the Zumwalt

Where is the last USS Arizona Big Gun. The state of Arizona has it. See the Memorial Video

The USS FREEDOM LCS-1 Deployed 2 years early! (added 2-26-2010)

USS Rowan DD782 – The last night battle action-Haiphong 1971

NAVAL HISTORICAL CENTER Online Library of Selected Images: Pearl Harbor See one of our nation’s defining moments. Pause and reflect on the events of that fateful day in 1941 which awakened the ‘sleeping tiger’.

Remembering Pearl Harbor, an excellent resource, detailing events with photos.

“Before you go” A Tribute to World War 2 Veterans

USS Slater DE766 (The Last DE afloat in the U.S.A.) A floating Museum ship with a wealth of information on-line for new and old Sailors. Please visit the site!

Naval Historical Center

NavSource Naval History

The United States Navy

MilitaryTimes dot com

US Navy Cruiser Sailors Association

HC7 SeaDevils

Belknap Crew List at

Belknap History at

The Goat Locker  CPO Website

Together We Served  Navy Veteran Locator Site