2016 Reunion Charleston


    1. Please read carefully and plan wisely.The cutoff date for room registration in Charleston is 19 September, 2016. If rooms are available, you can still get the group rate ($139 + 13.5% tax) for two weeks after that. After that, rooms, if available, will cost the prevailing rate ($175-$235). Since we have to provide final room numbers three days prior to the event, we are committed to paying for those rooms and cannot refund your money should you decide not to attend after that time.


    1. The cutoff date for tour registration is 20 September, 2016. At that time, the Association needs to remit 50% of the total tour cost for each tour. Only tours with a minimum of 35 people will be confirmed. If we have less than 35 people, we will cancel the tour and your money will be refunded. If, however, we have 35 people, and pay the 50% in advance, and you decide not to take the tour after that, your fee cannot be refunded.


  1. Each of you who registers for the reunion by filling out the Registration Form i, and has it postmarked by July 1, 2016, will be able to discount $50 from your total cost when you submit the registration.


Who's Coming to the Reunion

Who’s Coming to the Reunion


POD Charleston

POD Charleston

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Sign Up Now – Registration Form


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